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First I have to thank Octopress for a great blogging framework and GitHub for providing this page!

‘So what is this blog about?’ you may ask. I will use this blog to show you game development with Java and OpenGL.
When you hear OpenGL and Java you will probably also hear about these two libraries:

  • JOGL is a part of JogAmp, which provides you with bindings to OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenAL and OpenMAX.
  • LWJGL stands for Lightweight Java Game Library and provides you also with bindings to OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL.

So it is up to you which to use, they are both great libraries for high-performant computer graphics programming with Java. Personally I use the LWJGL for graphics programming.

About me

I’m a computer science student from Germany and in a few weeks I will start my bachelor’s thesis about computer graphics.
During my course of studies I learned programming with Scheme, Java, C# and C++. Well I also learned PHP and JavaScript but that were merely the basics in my opinion.

In my free time I am a gamer and a programmer, or just lurking around in the Internet, for example you could find me on JGO which is a small community of Java game programmers, so if you like Java game development you should check it out!

Next Steps

Soon I will start a tutorial for the new LWJGL3 in which I will show you how to use the that library to create a simple game! I’m looking forward for it!